A Fat Brain is a Happy Brain: Society and Attraction

I believe intelligence is something we need as a species to move forward. Many inventions are discovered by accident, but the person making the mistake needs enough knowledge to realize what the possibilities are to move past it.

Did intelligence ever trump every other quality? That is the question of the day.

I really feel the brain needs constant exercise to keep healthy. We as individuals need to feed our brain to gain a better understanding of everything around us.

With the society we have today, every media outlet promotes the airbrushed look. It’s unrealistic and it’s giving many people a negative outlook on who they are and what they should be. So many people focus on the physical appearance more often than feeding their brain.

Just imagine if all media outlets promoted intelligence and knowledge instead of sex and the perfect body. Weird, huh?

However, is beauty and intelligence one in the same? According to a Psychology Today article, the answer is yes.

The Psychology Today states,

Attractive NCDS respondents have the mean IQ of 104.23, whereas unattractive NCDS respondents have the mean IQ of 91.81.

By pure coincidence, the correlation between physical attractiveness and intelligence in NCDS is exactly the same, down to the third decimal point, as the correlation between intelligence and education. Both correlations are .381. Everybody knows that intelligence and education are very highly correlated.

This is a very interesting study with an intriguing conclusion that gets me wondering. Maybe, we as a species subconsciously see other people as physically attractive who are more intelligent.

We have gotten this far. So, we are doing something right.

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