My Top Four Tech Gadgets to Try in the Future. Will Curiosity Kill This Cat?

Hey everybody!

This geeky girl is rounding up  gadgets and gizmos that would be awesome to try out!

If you have any of these, please chime in with your opinion!

This little baby monitors sleep patterns and actually wakes you up at the optimal time in the morning.  Some mornings I wake up and I feel like absolute death. I sure hope this really works, but I’ve heard that some people don’t even use the alarm feature.  The analytics feature alone is a useful tool and I would love to try this little gadget sometime soon!

iConvert® Instant Slide & Negative Scanner
Okay. This is an amazing concept considering I have old negatives in my closet stuck in a box for a couple of years. Before my wonderful experience with owning digital cameras and smartphones, I used older model cameras and I’d love to turn these images digital. While I’ve heard mixed reviews about photo quality, I’d still like to try it. This was an awesome find and I’d love to hear from you if you own one!

Ziphius Aquatic Drone
This cute little guy is a great way to capture under water photos. In my opinion, there is more straightforward ways to capture said photos, but this is much cooler! My daughters would have so much fun with this little drone!

Levitron Lamp
While this may not be the most practical way to light a room, anything that levitates is a friend o’ mine! I’ve actually bookmarked this lamp!

Well, there it is. A few little things I found interesting and I’d love to try them all!

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