Photo Credit: McD22

Respect to the Farmer: What Technology Can’t Replace

Ah…You know those people?

The hard working people that get up at the crack of dawn just to have their body covered in dirt and sweat until they go to bed. I actually know a few of these good people myself and I admire their hard work. We literally couldn’t live without them.

The tools these farmers use may become a little more advanced as time goes on, but it will always take good, hard working people to provide for everyone. Because as far as I know, we will always need organic food.  I don’t think food will be digital any time soon.

In 2012, there was an estimated 2.2 million farms nationwide. This number is down 12,000 from the previous year. Scary?

Maybe not.

Larger farms with sales over $100,000 annually have actually grown in the past year. More people equals more demand for food.  This means that the farming industry is booming.

So, respect to the farmers.  Because without them, we would die.

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