Discovering the Language of the Brain Will Draw in Hackers

I was really intrigued when I was watching Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman tonight that I just had to put my thoughts here on the subject.

I was watching researchers learn the brain’s response via blood flow to various photos and they observed thousands of these to discover a pattern. With that data pattern, the computer was able to determine a generalized photo of what the person is looking at just by the blood flow through the brain (ex, if the person saw a video of a person talking, the computer could determine the general shape of a person). I find this really crazy!

Of course all who are performing the experiment are technically hackers, but there will be ones that will abuse it.

For science, this is a great tool to discover new ways to help people with paralysis and so forth.  But as a society, this can be dangerous.

While I’d love to be 230% more accurate with my marksmanship in archery, I don’t necessarily want some random person “hacking” into my brain. Each step into this research, brings us one step closer to something that could harm people.

It may seem crazy now, but so did going to the moon. And you know we’ve been to the moon.

It would be wild to have an altered state of reality under another person’s ideas. Would we even be aware of these alterations to our train of thought?

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