Since when was a rotary phone a butterfly?

Photo Credit: SOCIALisBETER read the title scratching your head right?

Well, so did I when I had this very entertaining experience with my 3 year old daughter.

My husband and I were drawing with our daughters on their easel and Jay (my husband) drew a box with a couple boxes in the bottom and proceeded to look at me and say, “Watch this.”

My husband then asked our daughter what she thought that was and she quickly replied with, “That’s a phone, daddy!” I chuckled.

He then drew, accurately a rotary phone and she yelled, “BUTTERFLY!”

I really think it is very intriguing that my 3 year old daughter would identify a simple box with a couple of boxes drawn in it a smartphone. I know that what she grows up with is what she recognizes, but it is weird knowing that the things that I grew up with are things she will never, ever use.

Just my little thought of the day.

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