Flicker: Steve A Johnson http://www.flickr.com/photos/artbystevejohnson/4646922295/

“Everyware” Computing: Our Future Perspective of Computers

What if just about everything in our lives had some sort of computation device?  No, no – not like cars or smartphones.

More like everyday, ordinary objects that you couldn’t tell had a little computer?  That could be our future.

Everything or should I say “Everyware” there would be a computer!

Mark Weiser

Mark Weiser (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This idea involves many different computing abilities including, artificial intelligence, distributed computing, and sensor computing. These things would literally be everywhere!

Mark Weiser came up with 3 simple concepts for this idea:

A very interesting translation is put on these concepts that can become of three different forms:

  1. Skin- can be translated into a fabric such as curtains or clothing
  2. Dust or Smart Dust– basically very small computing devices.
  3. Clay- Simply put…three dimensional objects

Can you imagine your clothing having calculations or your kitchen sink having a mind of it’s own. I know that probably isn’t the main goal with this project. Either way, it is very fascinating!

I love this idea, but at the same time. Is this necessary? Maybe it is for advancement as a species.

I’ve always been for space exploration. Who knows – Maybe this will lead us one step closer…

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