I Know Nobody Like Me

I’m serious.

I look back on my childhood and what my thoughts where as I was growing up. I truly think no one that I knew and know now was like I was and like I am now.

I know – I get that everyone is different.

However, the first thing you think of a 7 year old girl writing about in 1st grade is ballerinas and princesses right? Well, not in my case. This girl right here wrote a short story about an alien abduction.

I was always interested in the scientific and theoretical things in life and I always pondered on “what if?” and my early childhood was no exception.

In my teens, I was into SETI and I would go day by day watching data. But it wasn’t all work and no play – oh no…This is about the time I was into gaming. Unreal Tournament was the name of the game and I was pretty good at it too!

Today, I’m still hungry for more knowledge on anything scientific or theoretical. I’ll always be willing to expand on what science has to uncover and maybe one day, I could put an idea to work!

I’d rather watch documentaries all day long on a crappy, rainy day instead of MTV or whatever my peers do these days. But, I think it enriches the mind when you keep it wondering. It get’s you thinking.

I’m surely different, but you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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