Lost in a Grain of Sand in the Vastness of Our Universe

Our world is such a small place in this infinite thing we call the universe.  Who knows – there could be alternate universes that just make us all the more insignificant. Did I make you feel small?

I know I do.

Astronomy is one of my favorite subjects to chime on about and I have some interesting things to share. But, first…check out this video!

To even come close to understanding how big the universe truly is, check out Scale of Universe.  This interactive activity shows you the scale of our world and universe.

If we can only partially observe the universe, how do we know that it is that much of an area that we can observe? I know the big bang theory may support how fast objects are moving from a point in which we could make an estimate on the area of the universe. But, science has been wrong before; hence, it’s just a THEORY.  I ponder on this idea once in a while and wonder if there is really multiple planes of universes and do they co-exist or new ones appear after other universes have disappeared?

Look at this picture below and tell me they don’t look like similar!! I’ve always found this observance interesting.  Is our universe…a brain??


I want to know, will we ever know how the universe really works?

3 thoughts on “Lost in a Grain of Sand in the Vastness of Our Universe

  1. your observation of the two pictures being similar reminded me of my astonishment when I was lookng atthe book Powers of 10. When you look at the picture of 10 to the power of 10, it is remarkably similar to the picture for 10 the power of minus 10 . I want to know why!! I have saved pictures from screen shot of the video Powers of ten but cannot include them in comments. Can you see what I mean without me including the pics?

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