PC Sales Slipping Worldwide. Surprised?

Alright, we all know that the PC has been around for a while.  But, with the recent realization that PC sales are declining – what will that mean for new, trendy, high tech computing?

Surely, it cannot be tablets. While tablets are cool and all, I personally couldn’t spend my time at work or for that matter blogging on a tablet. It just isn’t practical.

According to PCMag.com,

Other major PC makers had even rougher quarters, the two firms reported. Those included HP (a 4.8 percent decline in year-over-year quarterly unit shipments per Gartner, a 7.7 percent decline per IDC); Dell (-3.9 percent, -4.2 percent); Acer (-35.3 percent, -32.6 percent); and Asus (-20.5 percent, -21.1 percent).

Apparently, I’m in the minority group when it comes to tablets because the current trend is touchscreens. I love touchscreens, but again…not practical for my purposes and I thought that was the opinion of most people. But, I’m wrong.

I actually could see a tablet as being used for quick use for business and recreational use for gaming and whatnot.  Maybe that is the majority motivation for buying said tablets that are boosting sales over PC sales.

However, businesses all around are starting to replace older PC systems with newer, upgraded ones with Windows 7. That keeps some PC sales on the increase.

2 thoughts on “PC Sales Slipping Worldwide. Surprised?

  1. I agree – tablets are great consuming devices but don’t cut the mustard when it comes to creating things. As a web designer there is so much I can’t do on a tablet it’s not funny.

    But I think one of the problems that PC (and game console) makers are facing is that there isn’t enough uptick in a new PC these days. Almost any PC will run a browser, which is where people spend most of their time.

    And since Windows 8 can be run on tablets and PCs that means that the software has to be designed to run on those low power CPUs anyway.

    Why spend good money when you don’t have to?

  2. Perhaps it’s because the majority of the consumer market are exactly that, consumers – not creators. They want to view media and socially interact with others but that’s about it.

    The rest of us, who use computers intensively for work and/or expression may have to put up with custom machines at higher ticket prices, the way designers have had to do with Mac all these years.

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