The Good, Bad, & the Awesome: Physics of the Future

Most people go day to day oblivious to the work and research that goes into every digital interaction they partake in.  Cell phones, computers, and televisions are the simple examples that physicists helped develop.

I’m sharing this idea with you, because I believe in the words of Theoretical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku.

Physics is a large part of our advanced tech world, but imagine what we would be like to people 100 years ago and what will we think of people and technology 100 years from now?  That’s what Dr. Kaku talks about in the video below.

One very astounding fact:

Computers are doubling in power every 18 months!

While I believe that advancement through technology as a species is important and one day maybe we will have limited discoveries; We also have to consider that we will have quite a bit more to worry about with more advanced technology available, especially to the general public.

More facts that I absolutely love:

In the future, we could remove the word “tumor” from our language! We could have a 10 year warning before full blown cancer!

Only a handful of genes separate us from the chimp, but we live twice as long as they do. So, scientists will find those genes and we could double our lifespan. Scientists have already doubled the lifespan of other animals – Why not us?

Think about the technology we could harness in the future. We just need to realize our human limits and gain responsibility along with our technological advances.

2 thoughts on “The Good, Bad, & the Awesome: Physics of the Future

  1. Dr. Kaku and this video specifically, were a huge influence for me.

    The developments in augmented reality are exciting on one level, but then you have the advances in medicine that are so incredible and life changing(extending) that it’s almost hard to believe. 🙂

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