Looking Nostalgia Right in the Face

Lately, I’ve been reflecting on my younger years and all the wonder little things that made me smile as a kid.

Tamagotchis and Pogs were a couple of my favorite things when I was just a wee little lass.

Ahh, yes. Me and my Tamagotchi had a love/hate relationship. It would yell, yell, and yell some more after playing with it until my fingers hurt – then eventually I would throw it under my bed. Of course, I always reset it and start anew. Eventually, I’d lose that little guy and I’d get a new one. I had quite a few of these little things.

Pogs were one of my favorite little games between my sister and I. We would fight over them a lot, but it was a cool idea.

So, I did some research like a “Where are They Now?” kind thing on eBay. I was looking nostalgia right in the face!

I went through pages upon pages of Pogs on eBay. I was so tempted to buy 1,000 of them – uggghhh almost can’t resist! My husband sure would be a little less than impressed. Ha!

Don’t get me started on the Tamagotchis! I want to buy all of them! I think I’m going to get a couple for my daughters. It will be neat to see them play with one of my favorite toys as a kid and I think they will actually like the little guys a lot. Hopefully, I don’t end up hiding THEIR Tamagotchis when they stop feeding their pixel pets.

Oh, one more thing. There is a Tamagotchi app out there! Yes!

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