Sixth Sense Technology: What I Hope Our Future Technology is Like

First, I’d like to thank Pranav Mistry.

Now..imagine this.

You are making a study guide for an upcoming test in class and you find great information in a book at the library.  You “pinch” the text in the book and move it to your laptop display and – BOOM!- all the text is now on your computer. Awesome!

This is what I hope our future technology holds for us and it doesn’t seem like a far off reality.

For a couple years now, I’ve been interest in Pranav Mistry‘s Sixth Sense Technology.  Now, I hope to see it go mainstream!

If you are on your way to the airport and you are concerned about delays, you wouldn’t even have to turn your phone on to check the status of the flight, just whip out the ticket!

This technology connects to the cloud and it utilizes search engine application program interfaces (APIs).

Interestingly enough, this technology is open source. Check it out here!

I hope this great idea really takes off!

One thought on “Sixth Sense Technology: What I Hope Our Future Technology is Like

  1. Really great video! I don’t like how technology sometimes gets in the way, such as constantly looking down to check your phone, and ignoring the person in front of you.

    The idea that to overcome this, the technology needs to be closer and more integrated with natural life is gaining popularity… I think the real future of this technology is that it will be developed into a Google glasses type device. Great article.

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