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The Idea of Sharing Information in a Modern World

Our world is connected in a vast webbing of information through the internet and in fact, thanks to our technology, we can connect to our spacecrafts like Cassini which is out HT_earth_saturn_jef_130723_16x9_992near Saturn as we speak taking the most beautiful pictures.  Just recently, the Earth was seen in one of these breathtaking photos.

The idea of sharing ideas has lead to a broader understanding on an individual level.  We have so many resources that have giving people information about our world, scientific theories, and what other people can provide.

The television and radio are great resources to provide information to a large audience and I’d like to note that they have been around much longer than the internet. But, I Flickr: MKHMarketing to say that the internet is the ultimate in information sharing platforms.  Social sites like Facebook and Myspace (back in the day) allowed family and friends miles apart to share their daily lives.  People couldn’t do that before social websites became the thing.  They just sent photos and letters in the mail and made weekly phone calls. Well, that has changed and will forever be this way (and forever improved, I’m sure!)

YouTube has an infinite amount of videos that allow people to wonder, learn, and be entertained. But, fear not when entering the weird part of the Tube when going through a few “related” videos. Go back, go back!!!

One of my favorite places to hang when surfing at home is Ted (Ideas Worth Spreading).  This place is packed full of people with ideas to share with the world. It has changed the way I see things and given me an open mind on what the future holds and what is possible.

Sharing information will never be the same again and will always evolve as long as we are evolving.


One thought on “The Idea of Sharing Information in a Modern World

  1. I love TED talks! Nothing is more exciting than new ideas and TED always manages to capture a fresh take on things you may not have considered before. People have been very critical of this forum for various reasons but whatever they say, these videos are some of the best content online.

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