Can the Theory of Evolution and Religion Coexist

English: German-born theoretical physicist Alb...

English: German-born theoretical physicist Albert Einstein. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I believe in God, but I also have a huge belief in scientific theories and evolution is one of my big ones. Like it is ingrained in my mind, so to speak.  As if it is a natural occurrence that has happened to the human species and I cannot shake it off – nor would I want to.

According to an article on, 92% of Americans believe in God, but only 16% believe in the theory of evolution. While the theory has fewer believers, that also means that some that believe in God also believe in the theory.

While this is a touchy subject, I’m leaving my opinion here and mine alone. I will NOT tell you what to believe. Not many believe in the co-existence of religion and this theory. In fact, 93% of scientists are atheists or agnostics.

Agree or disagree, that is just fine with me. But, I feel this theory of evolution can come hand in hand with God(s) in some way or another.

Mr. Einstein was a genius in so many ways…

“Science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind.”

I’ve had conversations with people that say there couldn’t be other life out there, because of their religious beliefs.  I always come back with a response such as, “If God created the Universe, why couldn’t he have created other creatures on other worlds?”

Science without the ideas of religion still holds validity with my beliefs, but I still believe in a God.

This post is in no means to offend anyone, but can these beliefs ever be mainstream as one?

2 thoughts on “Can the Theory of Evolution and Religion Coexist

  1. I’m not a Christian, I’m not an atheist, I’m not a Buddhist, or a scientist – although I think all these modes of thinking have something to offer. In fact, it’s easier to define what I am by what I’m NOT, I guess. Over the years, as I get older I’ve become more comfortable with the questions and less comfortable with people who say the have the absolute answer to everything. I have never died, quite fortunately, so I can’t say for sure what happens when I do. I think perhaps science and religion are just two different languages explaining the same thing. Sometimes things often get lost in translation.

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