Tisk, tisk OnePlus. You should’ve known better!

OnePlus has canceled their contest after an angry uproar about their shallow rules.

I, for one, am quite disgusted by the apparent sexist terms of this contest and it is a very bad move for OnePlus.  Maybe I’m overreacting, but it takes more than myself to shut this thing down.

Here is the very description set forth before your eyes:

As we close in on the 200K mark for the number of registered forum users, OnePlus wants to give a shout out to the few but beautiful female fans in our community with our Ladies First contest.

In true gentlemen fashion and because chivalry is not dead, we are giving the lovely ladies of OnePlus a chance to skip the invite line and introduce themselves to us.

Ladies (and only ladies, sorry guys, ladies first), the rules are simple:
Draw the OnePlus logo on a piece of paper or on your hand/face/wherever (so we know it’s really you)
Take a photo of yourself with the OnePlus logo clearly visible
Post the photo in this thread
disgusted-pink-slime-in-san-jose1 The 50 most well-liked ladies will receive an invite and a Never Settle t-shirt. Additionally, we will be giving out another 100 invites at random to any lady who participates in the contest. The contest begins today and ends on Friday. We will announce the winners on Monday.

Ladies, no nudity please.

Puke much?

Was this their intention — to rattle the cage?

With so many feminist supporters out there, how could they think that this was a grand idea?

I’m not a feminist, I’m a equalist. But, this is just wrong.

By Vsasi at en.wikipedia [CC-BY-2.5 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.5)], from Wikimedia Commons

Red Rain Discovered to Have Organisms with No Dna

Scientists are baffled with what might be, in my opinion one of the strangest discoveries ever.

The red “blood” rains that fell in India in 2012 has been discovered to have living organisms that contain no DNA.

Check it out for yourself here.

Where did these organisms come from and more importantly, can it be a danger to life on Earth?

This isn’t the first time this has happened. In fact, these types of events have occurred in the area since 1896. The name for such an event is the Kerala red rain phenomenon. This phenomenon also occurred back in 2001, when people also reported yellow, green, and black rain.

PC Sales Slipping Worldwide. Surprised?

Alright, we all know that the PC has been around for a while.  But, with the recent realization that PC sales are declining – what will that mean for new, trendy, high tech computing?

Surely, it cannot be tablets. While tablets are cool and all, I personally couldn’t spend my time at work or for that matter blogging on a tablet. It just isn’t practical.

According to PCMag.com,

Other major PC makers had even rougher quarters, the two firms reported. Those included HP (a 4.8 percent decline in year-over-year quarterly unit shipments per Gartner, a 7.7 percent decline per IDC); Dell (-3.9 percent, -4.2 percent); Acer (-35.3 percent, -32.6 percent); and Asus (-20.5 percent, -21.1 percent).

Apparently, I’m in the minority group when it comes to tablets because the current trend is touchscreens. I love touchscreens, but again…not practical for my purposes and I thought that was the opinion of most people. But, I’m wrong.

I actually could see a tablet as being used for quick use for business and recreational use for gaming and whatnot.  Maybe that is the majority motivation for buying said tablets that are boosting sales over PC sales.

However, businesses all around are starting to replace older PC systems with newer, upgraded ones with Windows 7. That keeps some PC sales on the increase.

Electronic Frontier Foundation

EFF Allowed To Take US Government To Court Over NSA Spying.

It appears that Judge Jeffrey White of the Northern District of California, has decided to allow the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s case against the government to proceed. The EFF, who has been attempting to take Big Brother to task since the Bush administration has finally gotten a big win. Judge White dismissed some smaller statutory claims, however he dismissed the notion that the case would not be able to proceed due to “State Secrets.”

Cindy Cohn, EFF’s Legal Director had this to say:

“The court rightly found that the traditional legal system can determine the legality of the mass, dragnet surveillance of innocent Americans and rejected the government’s invocation of the state secrets privilege to have the case dismissed. Over the last month, we came face-to-face with new details of mass, untargeted collection of phone and Internet records, substantially confirmed by the Director of National Intelligence. Today’s decision sets the stage for finally getting a ruling that can stop the dragnet surveillance and restore Americans’ constitutional rights.”

While this is a landmark decision, we must not celebrate prematurely. The court’s order only allows the case to proceed, no other decisions have been made about the substance of the case. Between the case itself and the likely appeals this may very well drag on for years. You should probably buy stock in ConAgra foods, because this may require a LOT of popcorn!

Read the EFF’s press release here.

The full court order can be seen here.

Google Voice Brought To Stock Android Messaging App

Koushik Dutta of Cyanogenmod fame has finally done what many have been hounding Google to do for a long time. He has found a way to integrate Google Voice SMS into any Android messaging app including 3rd party apps. This hack uses Android’s built in accessibility features and has been submitted to Cyanogenmod’s Git repo, so it should begin appearing in nightlies any day now.

That is why I love the Android Rom community. They often fix things and build sorely missing functionality before Google even considers doing things. In fact, Cyanogenmod brought us quick settings and swipe-away notifications that actually found their way into mainline Android.

There has never been a better time to Root your phone than now if you are a Google Voice user!

Apple Vs Boston University: Ban iPhones?!

So, I was checking out my Twitter feed today about Boston University suing Apple over a patent for a thin semiconductor film…and get this – the university wants to ban iPhone sales.

In my opinion, this would almost certainly obliterate Apple.  iPhone lovers are in it for the latest tech and are always waiting to upgrade as soon as newest shiny iThing is released.

If you are in the mood for some recreational reading the source link above shows the filed motion in it’s entirety.

Seriously though, I would like your thoughts on Boston University’s demands on banning iPhone sales. Karma for Apple or a little harsh?