Shopping List for the Ultimate Media Center

My husband has been working on quite a project lately. Of course it has required hours upon hours of sitting in front of the t.v. and computer to get it accomplished.  It really is an interesting build. This week, he published what you will need to get the job done.

Check it out here!

Flicker: Steve A Johnson

“Everyware” Computing: Our Future Perspective of Computers

What if just about everything in our lives had some sort of computation device?  No, no – not like cars or smartphones.

More like everyday, ordinary objects that you couldn’t tell had a little computer?  That could be our future.

Everything or should I say “Everyware” there would be a computer!

Mark Weiser

Mark Weiser (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This idea involves many different computing abilities including, artificial intelligence, distributed computing, and sensor computing. These things would literally be everywhere!

Mark Weiser came up with 3 simple concepts for this idea:

A very interesting translation is put on these concepts that can become of three different forms:

  1. Skin- can be translated into a fabric such as curtains or clothing
  2. Dust or Smart Dust– basically very small computing devices.
  3. Clay- Simply put…three dimensional objects

Can you imagine your clothing having calculations or your kitchen sink having a mind of it’s own. I know that probably isn’t the main goal with this project. Either way, it is very fascinating!

I love this idea, but at the same time. Is this necessary? Maybe it is for advancement as a species.

I’ve always been for space exploration. Who knows – Maybe this will lead us one step closer…