Unreal Tournament, I’m coming back to you!

I noticed an article that said the pre-pre-pre alpha is available for free play, I was reminded of what I’m missing out on. All those years of tied up into “adult” responsibilities. Gone!

I’m one of the very few girls that have played Unreal Tournament back when and I long for that connection again. Of course, a Tweet set me into this nostalgic realm.

It has been too long. The years have passed and I’ve grown into a woman with a career. But, I still remember. It must be a like a bicycle — once you learn, you can never forget.

I was one hell of a player. I captured the flag for the team and took out the best of ’em.

Oh the good ‘ol days..I need to get on the ball!


Submit Your Custom Game Map for Heroes of Newerth and You Could Win $4,000!

There’s a contest. The Heroes of Newerth’s Expanding Sol’s Theater contest!

All you have to do is build a custom map and if you win, it becomes a playable map on Heroes of Newerth!

1st place – Map submitted into the game AND $4,000!

2nd place – $2,500!

3rd place – $1,500!

Winners will be announced on November 7th..so get to it, my little worker ants!

Learn more about the Heroes of Newerth contest here.