Is the text to video app by Wibbitz a taste of the future?

Wibbitz has developed a mobile app that allows it’s user to literally watch a news article on a video with Version 3.0.  This is a new concept that takes big news stories and turns them into 1 minute long videos.

How it works is the app skims through the text of the article for details like names, locations, and numbers. Then, it mashes all these details through photos, maps, and graphs from around the web to create a video.

This is something new, creative, and down right awesome. I want to try it. Unfortunately, it is only available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and it is not optimized for the iPhone 5.

Maybe this is just the beginning for article to video technology.


Apple Vs Boston University: Ban iPhones?!

So, I was checking out my Twitter feed today about Boston University suing Apple over a patent for a thin semiconductor film…and get this – the university wants to ban iPhone sales.

In my opinion, this would almost certainly obliterate Apple.  iPhone lovers are in it for the latest tech and are always waiting to upgrade as soon as newest shiny iThing is released.

If you are in the mood for some recreational reading the source link above shows the filed motion in it’s entirety.

Seriously though, I would like your thoughts on Boston University’s demands on banning iPhone sales. Karma for Apple or a little harsh?