Tisk, tisk OnePlus. You should’ve known better!

OnePlus has canceled their contest after an angry uproar about their shallow rules.

I, for one, am quite disgusted by the apparent sexist terms of this contest and it is a very bad move for OnePlus.  Maybe I’m overreacting, but it takes more than myself to shut this thing down.

Here is the very description set forth before your eyes:

As we close in on the 200K mark for the number of registered forum users, OnePlus wants to give a shout out to the few but beautiful female fans in our community with our Ladies First contest.

In true gentlemen fashion and because chivalry is not dead, we are giving the lovely ladies of OnePlus a chance to skip the invite line and introduce themselves to us.

Ladies (and only ladies, sorry guys, ladies first), the rules are simple:
Draw the OnePlus logo on a piece of paper or on your hand/face/wherever (so we know it’s really you)
Take a photo of yourself with the OnePlus logo clearly visible
Post the photo in this thread
disgusted-pink-slime-in-san-jose1 The 50 most well-liked ladies will receive an invite and a Never Settle t-shirt. Additionally, we will be giving out another 100 invites at random to any lady who participates in the contest. The contest begins today and ends on Friday. We will announce the winners on Monday.

Ladies, no nudity please.

Puke much?

Was this their intention — to rattle the cage?

With so many feminist supporters out there, how could they think that this was a grand idea?

I’m not a feminist, I’m a equalist. But, this is just wrong.