Time to Set Up That Server!

Take a deep breathe, because this next step to creating the ultimate media center is going to walk you step by step on how to set up your server.

Here’s Step Two!


Shopping List for the Ultimate Media Center

My husband has been working on quite a project lately. Of course it has required hours upon hours of sitting in front of the t.v. and computer to get it accomplished.  It really is an interesting build. This week, he published what you will need to get the job done.

Check it out here!

Tisk, tisk OnePlus. You should’ve known better!

OnePlus has canceled their contest after an angry uproar about their shallow rules.

I, for one, am quite disgusted by the apparent sexist terms of this contest and it is a very bad move for OnePlus.  Maybe I’m overreacting, but it takes more than myself to shut this thing down.

Here is the very description set forth before your eyes:

As we close in on the 200K mark for the number of registered forum users, OnePlus wants to give a shout out to the few but beautiful female fans in our community with our Ladies First contest.

In true gentlemen fashion and because chivalry is not dead, we are giving the lovely ladies of OnePlus a chance to skip the invite line and introduce themselves to us.

Ladies (and only ladies, sorry guys, ladies first), the rules are simple:
Draw the OnePlus logo on a piece of paper or on your hand/face/wherever (so we know it’s really you)
Take a photo of yourself with the OnePlus logo clearly visible
Post the photo in this thread
disgusted-pink-slime-in-san-jose1 The 50 most well-liked ladies will receive an invite and a Never Settle t-shirt. Additionally, we will be giving out another 100 invites at random to any lady who participates in the contest. The contest begins today and ends on Friday. We will announce the winners on Monday.

Ladies, no nudity please.

Puke much?

Was this their intention — to rattle the cage?

With so many feminist supporters out there, how could they think that this was a grand idea?

I’m not a feminist, I’m a equalist. But, this is just wrong.

Sixth Sense Technology: What I Hope Our Future Technology is Like

First, I’d like to thank Pranav Mistry.

Now..imagine this.

You are making a study guide for an upcoming test in class and you find great information in a book at the library.  You “pinch” the text in the book and move it to your laptop display and – BOOM!- all the text is now on your computer. Awesome!

This is what I hope our future technology holds for us and it doesn’t seem like a far off reality.

For a couple years now, I’ve been interest in Pranav Mistry‘s Sixth Sense Technology.  Now, I hope to see it go mainstream!

If you are on your way to the airport and you are concerned about delays, you wouldn’t even have to turn your phone on to check the status of the flight, just whip out the ticket!

This technology connects to the cloud and it utilizes search engine application program interfaces (APIs).

Interestingly enough, this technology is open source. Check it out here!

I hope this great idea really takes off!

By Rock1997 (Own work) [GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html) or CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

The Idea of Sharing Information in a Modern World

Our world is connected in a vast webbing of information through the internet and in fact, thanks to our technology, we can connect to our spacecrafts like Cassini which is out HT_earth_saturn_jef_130723_16x9_992near Saturn as we speak taking the most beautiful pictures.  Just recently, the Earth was seen in one of these breathtaking photos.

The idea of sharing ideas has lead to a broader understanding on an individual level.  We have so many resources that have giving people information about our world, scientific theories, and what other people can provide.

The television and radio are great resources to provide information to a large audience and I’d like to note that they have been around much longer than the internet. But, I Flickr: MKHMarketing http://www.flickr.com/photos/mkhmarketing/8560618867/have to say that the internet is the ultimate in information sharing platforms.  Social sites like Facebook and Myspace (back in the day) allowed family and friends miles apart to share their daily lives.  People couldn’t do that before social websites became the thing.  They just sent photos and letters in the mail and made weekly phone calls. Well, that has changed and will forever be this way (and forever improved, I’m sure!)

YouTube has an infinite amount of videos that allow people to wonder, learn, and be entertained. But, fear not when entering the weird part of the Tube when going through a few “related” videos. Go back, go back!!!

One of my favorite places to hang when surfing at home is Ted (Ideas Worth Spreading).  This place is packed full of people with ideas to share with the world. It has changed the way I see things and given me an open mind on what the future holds and what is possible.

Sharing information will never be the same again and will always evolve as long as we are evolving.


Why Are 3d Printers a Big Deal and Are They Dangerous?

3D Printing. Sounds intriguing and everyone seems to be talking about it.

It may seem like a simple idea – but, there is some work required to make the machine print in 3D.

For one, you need to know how to work CAD (computer-aided design) software. This allows the user to design a 3D object on their computer that is then sent to the 3D printer. Once the machine is sent the information, it begins printing the object in layers and in some cases a laser can be used to harden the material.

Once you get that down, just about anything can be printed and it is an amazing concept. 3D printers have so many uses for personal use and businesses alike!

You can get a 3D printer from Cubify for about $1,300!

There is even a website full of products made from 3D printers that you can buy! I’m surely going to use this website in the future!

The medical field could definitely benefit from 3D printing. In fact, it has paved the way for the idea of bio-printing. This idea can prevent future deaths due to the infinite waiting list for organ transplants.

However, some say this device is dangerous.

According to a study from the Illinois Institute of Technology, 3D printing can be as dangerous as smoking cigarettes!

How, prey tell can it be so dangerous?

Blame the ultrafine particles (UFPs) that apparently spew out of the printer into the air as it is constructing layers of said objects. These UFPs can be inhaled and deposited in the lungs, which at the very least can cause asthma symptoms.

According to Gizmodo,

Researchers measured the amount of UFPs let out into the air when a commercial printer (the study doesn’t specify which brands) creates a small plastic item. And the emission rates were high — about 20 billion particles per minute for a 3D printer working with PLA material at a relatively low temp and upwards of 200 billion/minute for those working at higher temps and with other materials.

Despite the fact that these printers may be dangerous, they can still make an awesome Yoda: